Thursday, 31 January 2013

Manchanda law is a firm that brings justice to the commoners!

Manchanda law is one of the most trusted names when it comes to immigration law. Mr. Rahul Manchanda, the owner of the firm has been responsible for the sustainable growth and development of the firm. He has taken the company forward under his able guidance and has helped many people win their legal wars.

The best things about the firm is that they treat each client like their top-most priority and this is what makes it possible for them to bring out the best in each situation and help the clients gain victory. Manchanda law has a clientele, from different countries across the world and has proven their metal as being one of the best possible solutions in immigration, racial and criminal cases.

In tough times like these, when law firms are harder to find than ever before, Manchandalaw makes it possible for clients to achieve legal advice at the bestpossible rates.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Manchanda Law shining high in the sky of immigration law

One of the most prominent names in the field of immigration in the United States, Manchanda Law Offices, and Associates PLLC has been in the business for more than 10 years now.

Under the expert guidance of Prof. Rahul Manchanda, the firm has been making the news for their limitless success in the field.

With a team of attorneys who have worked as a part of some of the most powerful organizations in the country, the firm stands tall as the torchbearers in Immigration law. In fact, the area of expertise of Manchanda Law is not limited just to the field of immigration; rather they are well known as a prodigy in the field of criminal defense, deportation defense, and civil law as well.

Located in the heat of New York City, at 14 Wall Street Journal, Manchanda Law is one immigration firm that has earned exceptional reputation as legal service providers.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Manchanda Law delivering expertise in Immigration Services for more than a decade

With their head quarter located in the heart of New York City at 14th Wall Street, Manchanda Law Offices and Associates PLLC has been delivering excellence in the field of immigration law for more than 10 years.
In a field that requires sheer expertise in handling matters, Manchanda Law has been a leader for quite some time now. Under the leadership of Prof. Rahul Manchanda, who is amongst the most renowned immigration lawyers of the country, the law firm has been growing in leaps and bounds.
Apart from being a top immigration law firm, Manchanda Law has also extended their area of expertise to criminal defense, deportation defense, as well as civil law.
The team of professionals working with the company have been a part of some of the most powerful organizations in the United States. The list of names of these organizations includes DHS (Department of Homeland Security), USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services), EOIR (Executive Office for Immigration Review), DEA (United States Drug Enforcement Association) DOD (United States Department of Defense), CBP (Customs Border and Protection), Immigrations courts and The Pentagon, to name a few.
Recognised as the legal experts all across the globe, Manchanda Law holds a global clientele of some powerful corporate as well as Government organizations such as ABN Amro Bank, Carlos Miele Fashions, New York Nuclear Corporation, Puzzel Import and Export, Ocean Breeze Seafood Inc., United Nations, United State Department of State, Ford Models and French Consulate, to name a few.
As an accredited member of the AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) as well as the member of Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, Manchanda Law is shining as the brightest star in on the horizon of legal service providing companies, not only in the country but also at a global level.
With the far seeking vision of their principal attorney Prof. Rahul Manchanda, Manchanda Law Offices and Associates have been helping the people stuck in legal emergency. In fact, most of their clients are never short of praise when asked about the efforts put in by these professionals.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Manchanda-Law- A TRUSTED LAW FIRM!

Manchanda Law is a legal firm, one can blindly trust upon in immigration related issues.

Two important things that contributes to the success of Manchanda Law & Associates PLLC., is that lawyer from several departments and law offices of USA, work together under the able guidance of Mr. Rahul Manchanda.

Other thing is that this eminent law firm is made up of highly skilled attorneys that take up each and every case personally and put their best to get their clients out of the legal fix.

This is what makes Manchanda Law Firm stands out of the crowds of the immigration law firms working in the same industry.

The firm has its head office in 14 Wall Street, New York, United States, but operates throughout many countries in the world.

They help of successful clients in places such Asia, China, U.K, South Africa, Europe, India, the Tobago islands, and so on.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Manchanda law firm is a wise companion in legal low tides!

Manchanda Law PLLC is a law firm one can blindly trust on in times of legal needs. They have proven their metal to be one of the most efficiency law firms the country has seen in a long time. The firm is about a decade old and has won many judicial battles for people who had lost hope.

Mr., Rahul Manchanda, the chief attorney for his firm has been in the field since a long time and understands the ups and downs and twists and turns that it has from time to time. The company has reputation for having clients across the globe and has success stories to share! The best part is that the skilled and efficient team at the firm treats each client as their top priority and helps them deal with their legal issues at the most affordable costs. It remains to be seen how the company reaches the zenith of success in the time to come.