Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Manchanda law is a true blue mentor for Manchanda Law firm

Manchanda law is anexcellent law firm that was established by Mr. Rahul Manchanda an immigration attorney from New York. In a few years after its setting up, it has been able to win accolades for itself, due to the efforts of the entire team that is full of skilled immigration lawyers. Mr. Manchanda has been the able mentor for his team, guiding them to perform better each day.

One of the main credentials of the firm is that they tend to teach each case specially, and each client is given enough personal attention. The quality of services is such that it shines through the contended number of clients they have all over the world. They have clients from countries such as Australia, the U.K. India, China, Korea, even the Tobago islands, besides others.

They cater to many different law services that people might require. They specialize in immigration services, but also have many other expertise areas such as Insurance, resource management, criminal law services and so on.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Manchanda Law - adistinguished name in the world of immigration law

Manchanda Law is regarded as one of the most proficient names in the field of immigration law in New York. Under the expert guidance of Mr. Rahul Manchanda, the firm has gained an unsurpassed reputation.

The firm has a global clientele, which includes some of the biggest names in corporate business. Their legal expertise is not limited to immigration law only. Over the years they have gained success in other fields of law as well that includes Deportation Defense, Criminal Defense and International Law.

Manchanda Law is an accredited firm with the AmericanImmigration Lawyers Association, a national level association that is known to advocate fair policies related to immigration law. The team of professional which work here includes people who have been associated with reputed institutions like The Pentagon, United States Department of Defense, Customs and Border Protection, Immigration Court, Department of Homeland Securities and Executive Office for the Immigration Review (EOIR) to name a few.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Manchanda law is a ‘class apart’ lawyer, who can be trusted blindly with all your legal issues

Mr. Rahul Manchanda, the owner of Manchanda Law firm is one of those undisputed kings in thefield of law, who can be trusted without a second thought for all your legal problems. He has been in the industry, long enough to understand the complications and problems that might arise in simple looking immigration cases. 

He as well as his skilled team of professionals is well equipped to fight back from your side, so that you can lead a peaceful life, without having to worry about fines, jail or deportation.

His team of lawyers is trained well to deal with the many complicated legal cases that might pose a threat to the client’s wellness and residence in that particular country. They can help you overcome these obstacles without having to beat about the bush.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Manchanda law is an immigration lawyer par excellence

The law business is full of tricks, turns, vengeance, and treacheries. This is why you need an ideal lawyer, who can cleverly deal with the critical nature of your case. Mr. Rahul Manchanda has been in the immigration law business since a long time and knows all these possible complications, and can handle them with utmost ease. He is one of the best immigration lawyers that have literally defined the global immigration law scene and made it beneficial and convenient for the clients.

He is owner and CEO of Manchanda Law firm, which serves to the immigration law needs and requirements of clients from various parts of the world. The firm has successfully solved legal issues in the political and government sectors, together with other high profile cases. They are still creating history with each day and each case and Mr. Manchanda-Law has worked wonderfully towards working wonders in the legal profession.